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100 Words of Wisdom

100 Words of Wisdom for Women
Vision Statement

100 Words of Wisdom for Women is destined to be a unique collection of wisdom, insight and reflections from the most powerful and eloquent women of our time.  Its purpose is to inspire and guide the reader through a 31-day journey of self-discovery and empowerment.  Proceeds from the book will support the Lend Me Your Hand national domestic violence advocacy campaign.

It is a collection of laughter and tears, stories and dreams, poems and psalms, wise sayings and the lessons of foolish mistakes.  All contributions are provided by powerful women who have achieved success and prominence in some area of their lives.  It will enrich the reader on all levels of her being and show her the way to discover and reveal her own God-given wisdom and essential power.  Click here to see what folks are saying about 100 Words of Wisdom for Women.

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100 Words of Wisdom for Women
validates the greatness within every woman and inspires her to journal, reflect and reflect the greatness within her own body, mind and spirit in a cathartic 31-day journey from which she shall never return.  This anthology features 31 uncommonly wise and gifted women providing revelation into the very core of life mastery for women. Their contributions give voice to the wisdom that is and give birth to the wisdom which is to come.  Click here to see some of the contributors to this project.

October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month
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